Date:October 26, 2013

Scot Marshall

0061_9-25-10-carlabilly-2Scot Marshall’s professional career as a musician and entertainer has spanned over 45 years, he shares his wealth of knowledge and experience teaching bass, guitar & voice lessons in Reno Nevada.

Scot Marshall teaches acoustic and electric bass with emphasis on becoming a “thinking bass player” regardless of genre. Technical facility on the instrument is combined with an understanding of how music works. Learning to read music, play “by ear” and learning to improvise are all indispensable tools for playing in a jazz ensemble, a rock band or a symphony orchestra. A basic understanding of rhythm, harmony, structure and form is necessary to create great basslines. The bass is the foundation of any band or orchestra, whether you play acoustic or electric bass, amplified or unamplified, with the bow or with your fingers. Scot will show you the tools that will enable you to take what you hear in your head and play it on the bass regardless of your age or experience.

Scot has played with the Omaha Symphony, the Fargo/Moorhead Symphony, the Reno Philharmonic and the Reno Chamber Orchestra, Arthur Fiedler, The Diamonds, Greg Adams, The Jordanaires, Mimi Fox, Gary Karr and many others. In his 20s he studied with legendary jazz bassist Rufus Reid and has been an active part of the Reno music scene since 1985.